Algorithms and Complexity

Algorithms und Datenstruktures - Conditional Course
Summer Term 2021
Fabian Kuhn


Lecture Videos and Slides

Topic Recording Slides
Week 1: Sorting I

Week 2: Runtime analysis, Big-O Notation, Sorting II

Week 3: Abstract Data Types, Simple Data Structures, Binary Search

Week 4: Hashing I: Separate Chaining, Open Addressing

Week 5: Hashing II: Hash Functions, Universal Hashing, Rehash, Cuckoo Hashing

Week 6: Binary Search Trees I

Week 7: Binary Search Trees II

Week 8: Graph Algorithms I: BFS and DFS Traversal

Week 9: Graph Algorithms II: Minimum Spanning Trees

Week 10: Graph Algorithms III: Shortest Paths

Week 11: Dynamic Programming

Week 12: String Matching (Text Search)