Algorithms and Complexity

Members of working group

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Fabian Kuhn

Kuhn, Prof. Dr. Fabian

Phone number: 67411
Office: 106-00-012


Claudia Haager

Haager, Claudia

Phone number: 67410
Office: 106-00-014


Alkida Balliu

Balliu, Dr. Alkida

Phone number: 67416
Office: 106-00-005

Dennis Olivetti

Olivetti, Dr. Dennis

Phone number: 67415
Office: 106-00-005

Scientific staff

Philipp Bamberger

Bamberger, Philipp

Phone number: 67414
Office: 106-00-005

Salwa Faour

Faour, Salwa

Phone number: 67417
Office: 106-00-003

Marc Fuchs

Fuchs, Marc

Phone number: 67419
Office: 106-00-003

Philipp Schneider

Schneider, Philipp

Phone number: 67418
Office: 106-00-004


Axel Lehmann

Lehmann, Axel

Phone number: n/a
Office: 106-00-006

Wolfgang Paulat

Paulat, Wolfgang

Phone number: n/a
Office: n/a

Former Members