Algorithms and Complexity

Philipp Schneider

Contact Information

Philipp Schneider


My field of interest is Theoretical Computer Science in a broader sense, with a focus on distributed algorithms for hybrid communication networks and wireless networks. Here is a list of my peer reviewd publications during my term at the chair.


Supervision of Student Research

I supervised the following student projects and theses.

  • Mario Kantz - A Search-Based Algorithm For The Longest Induced Path Problem - Master Project
  • Simon Blauth - Densest Subgraph Detection in Hybrid Model Networks - Bachelor Thesis
  • Simon Blauth, Tobias Bürger - Energy Efficient Algorithm in SINR - Bachelor Project
  • Christian Legeland - Energy Efficiency of SINR Algorithms - Bachelor Thesis

Teaching Involvement in Lectures and Courses

Over the years I assisted teaching in various lectures and taught a few preparation courses.

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Winter Term 2020/2021:

Summer Term 2020:

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Talks and Other Functions


  • "Computing Shortest Paths and Diameter in the Hybrid Network Model", PODC 2020, Virtual Conference, Video
  • "Shortest Paths in a Hybrid Network Model", SODA 2020, Salt Lake City
  • "Broadcasting in an Unreliable SINR Model", OPODIS 2017, Lisboa