Algorithms and Complexity

Seminar Algorithms and Complexity Reading Group
Summer Term 2019


Course description

We will present and discuss papers on current theoretical computer science research. The focus will be on a detailed understanding of the paper's content rather than on a polished presentation. The presentation can therefore be done on the board, slides are not mandatory.


We will have a meeting on 23rd April at 13:15 in room 106-00-015. There we will offer a list of papers from which you can choose one for your presentation.


The sessions take place on the following dates from 1:15 pm to 4 pm in room 106-00-015.

Date Speaker Paper

23.04.19 Philipp Schneider Distributed Spanner Approximation
14.05.19 Jara Uitto tba
21.05.19 tba tba
04.06.19 tba tba
11.06.19 tba tba