Algorithms and Complexity

Seminar Distributed Computing Reading Group
Winter Term 2023/24


Seminar topic: Distributed Lower Bound Techniques

Seminar description

We will present and discuss material (papers and lecture notes) on lowerbound techniques for distributed graph algorithms. We will meet weekly on Monday from 16:15 - 18:00. Each week, we will discuss one topic. A (tentative) schedule of topics that we will discuss will soon be published on this website. Each student has to lead the discussion on one of the topics. The focus will be on a detailed understanding of the content rather than on a polished presentation. The presentations can therefore be done on the board, slides are not mandatory.

Tentative Schedule

  • Weekly seminar meeting: Monday, 16:15 - 18:00, room 051-03-026 (Building 51, 3rd floor)

We have a first introductory meeting Monday 23.10. at 16:15 in room 051-03-026 (Building 51, 3rd floor). In this meeting, we will discuss how we plan to run the seminar.