Algorithms and Complexity

Network Algorithms
Graduate Course - Summer Term 2015
Fabian Kuhn


Course description

Most of today's and tomorrow's computer systems are distributed and many of them are built on top of large-scale networks such as, e.g., the Internet, the world wide web, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, or peer-to-peer networks. This course introduces the fundamental algorithmic principles underlying the design of networks and large-scale (decentralized) distributed systems: communication, coordination, fault-tolerance, locality, parallelism, self-organization, symmetry breaking, synchronization, uncertainty. We explore essential algorithmic ideas and lower bound techniques.


Chapter 12 (on network coding) will not part of the exam.

A Q&A session will be held on Friday, Sep. 4, 2015. The session will take place from 10:15 - 12:00 in room 106-00-007.

Lectures and Exercises

  • Tuesday 10:15 - 14:00, 101-01-016
  • Lectures will typically be between 10:15 and 12:30, exercise tutorials will take place afterwards.

To encourage participation and a more interactive lecture, we will not record the lectures this year. There are however rather detailed written lecture notes for all lectures.

It is not mandatory to hand in exercise solutions or to attend the exercise tutorials in order to be admitted to the exam. However, it is of course highly recommended to carefully do the exercises! If you plan to hand in your solutions, they are supposed to be handed in either as hard copied or electronically by sending an E-mail to Hamid Ghodselahi (hghods@cs.uni-freiburg.de) in the week following the release date of exercise sheet.

Lecture Notes

Date Lecture Notes References

21.04.2015 Introduction

21.04.2015 Chapter 1: Vertex Coloring [peleg] Chapter 7

28.04.2015 Chapter 2: Tree Algorithms [peleg] Chapter 3-5, [hkpru] Chapter 7

05.05.2015 Chapter 3: Leader Election [aw] Chapter 3, [hkpru] Chapter 8

12.05.2015 Chapter 4: Shared Objects

19.05.2015 Chapter 5: Distributed Sorting [leighton] Ch. 1.6 & 3.5, [clrs] Ch. 28

02.06.2015 Chapter 6: Maximal Independent Set [peleg] Chapter 8

09.06.2015 Chapter 7: Locality Lower Bounds [peleg] Chapter 7.5,
Linial's Lower Bound Made Easy

16.06.2015 Chapter 8: Synchronization [peleg] Ch. 6 & 25, [aw] Ch. 11

23.06.2015 Chapter 9: Hard Problems

30.06.2015 Chapter 10: Wireless Protocols

07.07.2015 Chapter 11: Dynamic Networks

14.07.2015 Chapter 12: Network Coding


Date Problem Set Solution

22.04.2015 (updated) Exercise 1: Vertex Coloring Sample Solution 1

28.04.2015 Exercise 2: Tree Algorithms Sample Solution 2

05.05.2015 Exercise 3: Leader Election Sample Solution 3

12.05.2015 Exercise 4: Shared Objects Sample Solution 4

20.05.2015 Exercise 5: Distributed Sorting Sample Solution 5

02.06.2015 Exercise 6: Maximal Independent Set Sample Solution 6

09.06.2015 Exercise 7: Locality Lower Bounds Sample Solution 7

16.06.2015 Exercise 8: Synchronization Sample Solution 8

23.06.2015 Exercise 9: Hard Problems Sample Solution 9

30.06.2015 Exercise 10: Wireless Protocols Sample Solution 10

07.07.2015 Exercise 11: Dynamic Networks Sample Solution 11


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